What is an M.B.A and what is it about?

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The Master of Business Administration is the most famous study that exists worldwide, it is a Postgraduate that will help channel the professional to develop great skills to improve their administrative practices.

To access the master, it is first mandatory to improve university knowledge and obtain the degree. In order to have a broad knowledge and to be able to feed on the new knowledge. It is important to note that the participants in this Master had very positive results in their workplace, making effective decisions and demonstrating successful results. . The objective of the Master is that the graduate increase his knowledge and specialize, managing to solve complex difficulties related to his profession and training as an expert in a specific area.

It is relevant to indicate that the MBA (Master of Business Administration) also emerges from the EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) the main novelty that contributes is that it is aimed at a fragment of the young population with few years of experience in the business field . Unlike the E.M.B.A, it is aimed at professionals who are older, that is to say, 35 years of age or older, having an executive position within their company. This program is thicker, with a more advanced and demanding level than the (M.B.A), participants can develop it in their respective work areas and make this duality a perfect combination for effective decision making in the labor field.

Today it is necessary to obtain greater knowledge and extensive training to achieve a broader and more advanced scope and be a qualified professional in administration, obtaining functional marketing strategies and business strategies, with these knowledge bases the professional will achieve job stability, greater income, and better professional development opportunities.

The MBA program is designed to grant the expectant manager the skills and knowledge in the functional spaces that any individual needs when running a company: communication, financial management, strategic management, marketing, human resources or operations, among others.

We must take into account that when studying an MBA program you can obtain different skills among them we have:

• Lead intelligent organizations, with holistic and systematic vision.
• Generate changes in organizations that ensure business success.
• Consolidate an organizational culture oriented to the achievement of strategic objectives and the generation of a work environment that favors the development of the human being.

Main difference between Master and an M.B.A.

The most obvious difference between the Master and an M.B.A, is that the Master focuses on a more specific vision within the department that the professional manages in the company. The master’s degree only requires a university degree, without it being necessary to have work experience.

The MBA covers a large amount of information related to business management in general, giving the professional more skills for the world of work. To study an MBA it is necessary to have a career in the business field to deal with much of the information you will have to study. In the MBA they are programs that provide the professional with the inevitable support to lead organizations, therefore it enjoys an international prestige management superior to other programs.

This means that the first one offers a more concrete look at the company. They fit both in theory and in practice and it is an ideal initiative if you want to progress or enrich knowledge in a specific area. The second is located in a more common point of view. In this alignment you will assimilate the qualities that every business manager should have. These studies have the professional escape of management and business management, consulting and market research. You study a bit of finance, marketing, operations, strategy, human management and you get enough input for decision making. ”

Being up to date and knowing the divergence between a master and an MBA will approve you to stand out between the best choice for your specialization and the behavior that your professional development will take. Remember that specialization studies are highly esteemed in the workplace and manage to be the difference between spending your entire life in an office as a dependent or becoming a manager with leadership in the company.