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I believe that today is one of the most asked questions of recent times, with people who start in the stock market and the truth is that if you type in any search engine, what is forex?.


You will find millions of definitions all with a certain definition and the best known definition is that, forex is the abbreviation of currency exchange, but I think that today you expect a different response from me.

Well, my definition of forex is: that it is a great business opportunity in which / * we all have access to an immense community of commission agents, we seek only to buy cheap to sell expensive and with this I summarize all that forex means Preparation and analysis The strategies all aim to identify when a currency is at a very low price to acquire it and then sell it when the price rises.


The simplest answer would be, the money comes from the pockets of the trident in training, but it does not come from the accounts of the undisciplined impulsive or trident trident and also from the trident that do not distinguish between the finance market and Las Vegas and the truth is something that should be very clear and this is that you do not see forex as a gigantic unit that gives or takes money because it is completely the opposite of that, nobody gives you anything, you earn it, on the other hand nobody takes anything away from you you give it for every transaction you make.

In the forex market. Someone wins, someone loses. This is an undeniable truth. We must not deny that it is a business of speculation and our decisions are what win from a trident who lost but it is also our decisions that leads you to lose money if the decision was wrong.


Well, the truth, as I mentioned before, some people invest large amounts of money in the same way they do in any Las Vegas casino without real strategies without prior analysis believing only in the Tsar, the truth when you go without knowledge the market can be much more cruel, since the tsar is impartial markets adopt trends and if you don’t know where.

this tends. You will be in difficulty and this will make you a trident who give their money for other trident to win. Otherwise it will be if you know the market trend and this becomes your best friend and makes you earn a lot of money.

But the truth is to understand the markets since it is not something of the other world as I have already mentioned.Anyone who knows how to use a computer and surf the internet can master this knowledge in no time and be a successful and successful trident.


That is a difficult question, it is totally impossible to quantify the profits of the markets since it is not like having an established salary and it is good that it is not in this way, since it depends mainly on two factors.

The number one factor is the volume of money you handle and the number two factor would be the ability you have in the markets but it would be really crazy on my part to talk about a monthly amount of money because on the one hand as you know many lose their money instead of winning and on the other hand third richest man in the world until today is dedicated to the investments of the markets so I suggest you ask yourself how much I can gar in the markets and the answer is to open a demo account or a practice account and find out for yourself in this way you will know how much you earn an important trident, I mean yourself.


I really dare to say that 20% of the success in this business is in the technical financial knowledge and 80% of the success in this business is in the discipline and the will can be very simple to create a strategy in the market but for many it is It is extremely difficult to follow these strategies without deviating for any reason and these are the keys to success.


I think that if you enter without knowledge and without strategy you are extremely risky and in fact it is almost certain that you lose your money. But if you take a learning curve and take this business, the risk is minimal is like going on the road in a car without knowing how to drive you are running the mortal risk.

But if you learn to drive the risk it is reduced in a dramatic way and learning to drive is very easy but even when it is easy you have to do it.